About Us

Who are we?

JB Key Co. Hardware and Security are a leading distributor in Ireland of key cutting equipment and blanks as well as a range of hardware and security products. Established in 1986, we celebrated 25 years in business in 2011. Our customer base spans the locksmith, hardware and shoe repair trade as well as other areas in retail such as dry cleaners, newsagents etc. 

Our Service

At JB Key Co. we provide in depth key cutting training for new customers. We have a high level of inhouse expertise and offer ongoing support and technical assistance to all customers. There will always be someone at the other end of the phone to help with your technical query whether it is helping to identify a key blank, product information, machine maintenance etc. We believe our personal and efficient service as well as our technical guidance can make a real difference to our customers’ business.

Growing your business

For a relatively small investment, key cutting generates high margins and very quick pay back time on your equipment.

The fundamental basis to success in key cutting is to have a range of keys available to match the markets needs. Our key board systems are tailored for the Irish market and this means that you have a strong range of all the popular key blanks allowing you to service the market in a comprehensive way. Our boards are laid out in a way that allows easier key blank identification as well as organised stock management. It is imperative that staff are well trained in identifying key blanks and in key cutting. Again this is where our training programme and ongoing customer helpline plays an important role. As in most businesses, satisfied customers and word of mouth play a big role in growing your reputation in key cutting.

Our key cutting range opens the door to other complimentary products which can add to your bottom line. We distribute a wide range of quality, competitively priced hardware and security products which compliment your key cutting business or sell as stand alone products.